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Mega Glam Life Slot Review

If you’re looking for a game that offers luxury and symbols of wealth, then look no further than the Betsoft Software creators’ latest creation: Mega Glam Life. This online slots machine features 20 pay lines with 5 reel supervisors, each containing 3 rows–perfect if your bracket isn’t big enough to hold all those coins! You can also win big playing multipliers or free spin rounds while enjoying shiny diamonds on almost every symbol throughout this exciting experience.

Special Features to Watch Out For

The slot machine is a popular device in bars and clubs because it can be played with just one coin, making the game easier to understand for those who don’t know how conventional slots work. The betting range starts at 0-2 coins per pay line, so you have options when setting your bet size if desired, from 5-cent deposits up to 100 dollar maximums! You also have autoplay enabled, so all players need to do on their end after choosing the number of spins (which ranges between 1 & 9)and then clicking the spin button will be waiting.

Special Features to Watch Out For

Mega Glam Life Slots offers an exciting and rewarding experience with its many features, such as wild symbols that can be found on screen in the form of luxurious jets or sunsets. The scatter symbol doubles your winnings when it appears during free spins mode; while there is no bonus game available at this casino- simply yet lucrative bonuses offered by different items like multipliers & scatters!

Matching any of the symbols on your reels will give you a chance at some great prizes, including multipliers and bonuses.

  • 1500 times your stake when you land 5 champagne bottles
  • 5 designer watches award 2500 times your stake
  • 5 sports cars award 5000 times your stakes, and
  • 5 luxury yacht symbols will reward you 7500 times your stakes

In Lord Jaffarcake, players will be battling the game’s supervillain to win gems and free spins. Three or more scatter symbols also activate this feature which awards 8-, 12- & 16 Free Spins, respectively! All prices also include your stake back, so it is worth trying for those big wins that could net you up 25K in total Compensation.

How to Win

The three progressive jackpots in this game are the big, vast and mega. The total payout for each is 961875 coins – but you can increase your chances at these prizes by triggering bonuses which give free spins when winning them!

Play for Free or for Real Money

The graphics and visuals of this game are still quality even when played on a mobile device.


You get to enjoy the good things in life, like luxuries and luxury-themed slots. You can win big with this game because of its high RTP (96%), bonuses that give you more chances at winning coins for your next bet or free spins when the meter runs out!